Where are we located
East Auckland region (Howick).
What days do we do club training
Saturday and Sunday.
Where do we do club training
Either at the BBI Cloud or Macleans College gym.
What levels do we coach
We coach from beginner levels all the way through advanced players, so really we can coach kids at any level.
What ages do we coach
We coach kids through primary, intermediate, and college.
Do we coach school teams
Yes, we coach teams at Pigeon Mountain Primary, Bucklands Beach Intermediate, and Macleans College.
What can I expect to learn from Hi 5
We not only teach our players any level of basketball skills, but we also help them learn healthy competition, social skills, communication skills, and let them have fun.
Do we do private training
Yes, Hi 5 are now going to start doing private training that is more specialised and tailored to players who partake.