Registration and Fees

All players are required to pay the prescribed fee each term by the due date .


No fees are refundable under any circumstances such as illness, holiday camp etc. Advance notice is to be provided by parents in these situations. A credit note will be issued in the event of injury or Covid.

All credits should be used within 1 year from the invoice date.

Medical information

Parents and guardians must provide the most up to date medical information about the child that is booked onto the camp; this includes any allergies that the coaches would need to be aware of during the sessions.

Lost Property

Please do not allow children to bring valuable belongings to the training class.


If you do not want your child to be included , then please inform us.


Concerns or complaints regarding team or player issues should, if possible, first be addressed to the coach and/or team manager.


All members and their guests are subject to the conditions of BBNZ Codes of Conduct for Players, Coaches, Parents & Spectators and the Member Rules By-Laws of the Hi5 basketball Club at all times.


All members are responsible for ensuring the behaviour and conduct of their guests does not breach the Club’s rules and respect our coaches and assistance.

  • Respect the referees
  • Respect your teammates
  • Respect the opposition players and parents.
  • Play by the rules
  • Respect our training venues and equipment

Wilful damage will result in disciplinary action.


Attend all training sessions. If you are unable to attend training give your coach and/or
Club assistance courtesy of letting them know.